About Us

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Our Values

Our values and words give us a high to consistently work towards delivering the best quality work, come what may. We work with determination to complete the task in time with no glitches in our writing style for our different services. We describe ourselves through three P’s– Perfection, Passion and Perseverance. At ContentKosh, all of us operate with this spirit and values to see our clients’ happy faces, because that’s all matters to our existence.

Our Objectives

We, at ContentKosh brainstorm are inclined to offer right deals and solutions to help our clients’ prosper. We do a thorough research of our clients’ demands before associating with them. With the wide range of services offered at ContentKosh, anyone can understand us as one stop shop solution for every complication.

Deepali Chhatwani


The founder best describes herself as workaholic. For ContentKosh founder, her work is her lifeline. She has been an entertainment journalist for two years and is also a research scholar. For her, selling high quality content is more important than selling a high price content. She is a voracious reader and daily diary keeper. She loves to communicate and connect to better describe people later in her diary.